BREATHE Yoga & Wellness Studio

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Tel: 07730 677087

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"Thoroughly recommend Jo’s yoga flow classes for both the body and the mind. Before I found yoga with Jo I suffered with achy joints and debilitating sciatica which has improved dramatically. Classes are welcoming, peaceful and relaxing. Suitable for all abilities. I used to think I wasn’t ‘bendy’ enough for yoga, but it’s amazing just how flexible you become! For anyone thinking of giving yoga a go, please come along and try one of Jo’s classes, you won’t be disappointed "😊

Karina, Aug 2019

"I joined Jo’s beginners class a year ago and it was the best thing I have done.  Jo is fab, calm and relaxed and the yoga is pitched perfectly to the ability level of the class.  The benefits of Jo’s yoga classes are huge and I wish I’d started sooner! “

Julie, July 2019

"I’ve been doing the meditative yoga with Jo for around 6 months, having never done any form of yoga before. I can say, hand on heart, it is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It gives you an hour and a bit of focus on yourself, without distraction, to breathe, to take time out from a hectic life to do nothing other than breathe, gently stretch and be calm. Jo looks after us with huge care and attention, covering us with blankets, lavender-filled eye masks and props us up on bolsters. We are pampered. It’s my one time of the week when I’m not Mum, teacher, wife, neighbour, friend.... l’m me and it’s bliss. For anyone who needs a bit of time out in a world that is always asking something of you, come along and let Jo simply let you be."

Gilly, July 2019

“After a long break from yoga I felt it was time to reintroduce yoga into my life again.

I found Yoga Jojo a gem of a place in the heart of Peebles. Jo is such a lovely yoga instructor who is very passionate & knowledgeable about yoga. I would highly recommend trying out a yoga class & have some me time. Kx

Kirsty, October 2019